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Share targeted information with your healthcare teams to create a custom and always-relevant experience for all your employees.

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How theEMPLOYEEapp Reaches Frontline Healthcare Teams

Healthcare workers can be hard to reach, working long hours, not sitting at a desk, and requiring targeted information to do their jobs. Learn how theEMPLOYEEapp has become the trusted solution of organizations like Northwell Health, UHS, CommonSpirit, and more.

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Benefits For All Employees

Comms Pros

Reach all frontline teams with targeted information to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of communication at your organization to improve patient outcomes.

Frontline Managers/Physicians

Receive information that is completely relevant to your role and helps you be more productive.

Nurses/Frontline Staff

Access targeted information when it’s most convenient for you, right at your fingertips.

Key Features

News Feed

Your frontline healthcare workers are busy. They don’t have time to search through email for the latest news or updates. Our News Feed shows the latest, most noteworthy information at your company, creating an efficient and engaging experience.

Message Targeting

The internal communication your physicians need to receive might be very different than what you share with nurses or your non-clinical teams. Our robust targeting lets you segment and target your employees to keep messages relevant and personalized.

Push Notifications

Don’t let key procedure changes or important updates get lost. Break through with targeted push notifications so your teams know what communication needs their immediate attention.

Our Success Stories

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Healthcare Internal Communication
Communicating with frontline healthcare teams is an important part of daily hospital or health system operations. These messages need to be targeted so you can get the most relevant information to your nurses, doctors, non-clinical staff, etc. Healthcare systems are constantly seeking to improve patient communication to improve the patient experience and retain patients. The same care should be given to internal communication at healthcare companies to retain talent.
Improving Internal Comms in Healthcare
To improve communication within a healthcare organization, we believe the first key is creating employee personas to understand who you are trying to reach, what they need from you, and how they currently receive communication. This kind of internal communication audit is a great tool for internal comms teams trying to make an impact.

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