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Connect your dispersed teams to the information they need to do their jobs and to provide the best-in-class customer service you expect.

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Reach Your Dispersed Workforce

2.7 billion workers do not sit behind a desk for work, and often don’t receive communication from their organization. So it’s no surprise that only 56% of employees feel connected to and engaged by their employers. But communication that reaches all employees regardless of where they work can make a difference.

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Benefits For All Employees

Comms Pros

Share operational messages quickly and easily with your teams and stop relying on the “cascade of information” to share key updates.

Frontline Managers

Improve your ability to run your shift with an app that has all your reminders, talking points, and checklists in one place.

Frontline Workers

Connect your casino, retail, restaurant, and/or hotel teams to the resources, messages, and information they need to do their jobs and feel connected to the company.

Solutions for All Industries


Your business runs 24/7. Communicate seamlessly with all shifts and positions on our mobile-first application.


Customer experience is your business. Improve CX by improving the employee experience through improved communication and access to important resources.


A fast-paced restaurant requires a real-time employee comms app. Quickly communicate product shortages, outages, recalls, shift changes, and more.


Easily keep your teams up to date on promotions, merchandising resets, and the latest training and procedure policies.

Key Features

Push Notifications & Alerts

Immediately communicate outages, shortages, or other crisis communications with impacted employee groups or locations.


theEMPLOYEEapp integrates with your existing HRIS systems, survey platforms, and more to help you create a one-stop-shop for your frontline workers saving them time and energy.


Engage your hospitality teams by always targeting information to them that’s relevant to their day-to-day.

Our Success Stories

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Hospitality Internal Communication
Hospitality communication can be different based on what sub-industry you’re in. Hotels, casinos, and some restaurants can operate around the clock, meaning you have to reach multiple shifts. There are also often a high volume of operational messages to share, which can make it difficult to effectively communicate culture, values, and recognition in your internal communication strategy. With the right tools and approach, we can help you engage your frontline hospitality employees.
Improving Internal Comms in Hospitality
To improve communication in hospitality companies, start with an internal comms audit. Determine what channels are most effective and what messages are getting through. Use this to create a robust frontline manager communication strategy so they can support their teams regardless of what shift they work.

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