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About theEMPLOYEEapp

Award-winning employee mobile app for communication.

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theEMPLOYEEapp was created by communications and HR professionals to address the challenges that organizations face communicating with a frontline and deskless workforce.

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Internal Communication

Our platform gives deskless employees fast and easy access to the messages, resources, and documents they need to succeed.

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Employee Engagement

Our app’s familiar UI and ability to target content cuts down on communication overload and connects employees to what matters.

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Employee Experience

Elevate the experience of working at your company with a straightforward digital EX, more transparency, and access to what employees need.

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Why Frontline Worker Communication

Historically, deskless employees have been left out of communication channels…we’re here to change that.

2.7 billion employees are deskless

$37 Billion is lost annually because of poor communication

80% of the workforce lacks proper access to resources

Only 7% of US workers strongly agree communication is timely, accurate, and open where they work

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Our mission is to enable the effortless flow of meaningful information for businesses driven by distributed workers.

Our Communication Solution

Our suite of products—mobile app, employee intranet, SMS texting—are designed to help organizations effectively reach their teams no matter where they work.

Scalable solution. Internal comms teams don’t have a lot of budget lying around. Our pricing model lets you pay for what you need and scale as you grow.
Targeted & Accessible. Our specialty is helping companies communicate with distributed workers. Our product suite helps you target content to employees on whatever channels they prefer.
Award-winning. Our employee communication app has won multiple Platinum MarCom Awards.
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What our customers say:

Essential for employee communication!

“I love that we finally have a way to effectively engage and communicate with employees while out of the office.”

Jewell S.
Paying off handsomely!

“We have employees who don’t take their computers home or have work email on their phones. This helps them stay connected no matter where they are.”

Cooper Lefler
My experience has been amazing!

“Our employees appreciate an app that keeps them up-to-date. theEMPLOYEEapp has exceptional service and provide quick responses.”

Austin Dean
Easy to use.

“The app keeps our team members connected. A lot of our team members use shared workstations, this allows them to have access on their own devices.”

Adam Fischmer
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Our Vision: A Workforce United

Employee engagement is at an all time low. This makes communication more important than ever. We’re up for the challenge. Here’s how we’re evolving:

Expanding our product offering to include more of the channels you need to reach all your audiences.

Focus on internal communication metrics that help drive your strategy.

Results-driven development approach to provide tools that help you create ROI

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Our Core Values

We believe in supporting communicators, the deskless workforce, and our team.

Client Driven. We work hard to help our clients achieve their goals.

Enjoy. We enjoy what we do for a living.

People Matter. We communicate and act with respect for all.

Focus. We are laser-focused on achieving our mission.

Take Ownership. We are accountable to ourselves, our colleagues, and our clients.

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US: (212) 896-1255
UK: 0203 418 0500

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We Are Remote-First

Our parent organization is global with offices in San Diego, New York, and Paris.

But we are a remote-first company, finding the best talent from across North America and the UK to support our incredible clients.

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