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Last updated on January 5, 2023 at 11:07 pm

Engage , Connect , Activate your deskless workforce

An internal communications software and mobile app.

theEMPLOYEEapp solves the problem of communicating with, getting information into the hands of, and engaging a largely deskless workforce. Our mobile app provides your employees fast and easy access to the information, documents, and tools they need to succeed.

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Communicate What Matters

With our internal communication tools, notify deskless workers of important and up to date information.

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Increase Engagement

Interactive commenting, mentions and liking on key content allows employees to be engaged and provide valuable feedback.

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Improve Performance

Provide essential HR, safety, and compliance information to employees to allow them to succeed.

A Mobile App Made for Deskless Employees

iOS / Android native apps

Mobile-First to reach employees where they are

Easy Access to resources, trainings, and systems

Familiar and engaging user experience

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Access to Resources for All Employees on Mobile Intranet

Connect your dispersed, remote, and deskless workforce

QuickLinks for fast and easy access to top content

Customizable to meet your organizations unique needs

AI banners display most popular content for max engagement

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Elevate Your Internal Communication Strategy

Analytics help you create the right content strategy

Manage user and admin permissions easily

Create targeted and personalized content, folders & profiles

Share multimedia content that engages employees

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