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Connect deskless employees to the resources and training they need to excel on the frontlines.

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Whether you are a retail company, a restaurant or hotel group, or a casino, all hospitality companies struggle with the same thing: retention. Because this industry can be a revolving door of talent, our app has been a great tool for companies looking to improve employee engagement, culture, training, and transparency.

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Engage Diverse Teams

Your teams are diverse. Target and personalize messages to engage your workers—all on the same, easy-to-use platform.

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Reach All Your Shifts

Hospitality is a 24/7 business. Schedule messages to reach workers at the right time for maximum engagement and compliance.

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Elevate Customer Service

When companies focus on EX, customer experience (CX) improves too. Provide better access to training and resources to exceed customer service standards.

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Challenges in the Hospitality Industry

After many hard years, hospitality is making a comeback. But with rising demand for workers and increasing customer expectations, that comes with many new challenges.

Rapid growth. Even after the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitality has bounced back as the fastest growing sector in the U.S. since 2021.

Travel is back. Business and leisure travel are bouncing back after a few slow years.

Hiring isn’t keeping pace. Despite growth in the industry, 94% of hotels were still understaffed in 2022. This is partly because over one-third of pandemic-related job losses hit hospitality.

EX is everything. Customers want more personalized experiences, and it all starts with supporting your people.

The Power of Communication in Hospitality

With so much opportunity, companies have to rise to the challenge and support their frontline teams.

Engagement starts in the recruiting and onboarding process and can be impacted by how well you communicate during this critical phase.

Technology has to improve to streamline operations and help employees keep up with the rate of change in the industry.

Retention is critical when staffing is a constant challenge. Retain hospitality staff by focusing on providing flexibility, benefits, and streamlined communications.

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The app has quickly become the go-to source for employees to easily access information.
— Erin Frostad, Mohegan Sun
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Key Employee App Features for Hospitality

Create and organize impactful internal communications for your frontline and deskless workforce.

The News Feed keeps most recent information front and center

Multimedia Content helps you keep employees engaged longer

Calendar Events let you build community and share schedules

Directories connect employees to the right resources faster

Integrations allow you to create a hub of resources (HRIS/LMS)

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Employee App ROI in Hospitality

Hospitality customers have achieved great success with theEMPLOYEEapp.

Increase employee engagement survey scores.

Reach higher adoption than on traditional comms channels.

Save Money on printed materials and outdated systems.

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What our customers say:

Essential for employee communication!

“I love that we finally have a way to effectively engage and communicate with employees while out of the office.”

Jewell S.
Paying off handsomely!

“We have employees who don’t take their computers home or have work email on their phones. This helps them stay connected no matter where they are.”

Cooper Lefler
My experience has been amazing!

“Our employees appreciate an app that keeps them up-to-date. theEMPLOYEEapp has exceptional service and provide quick responses.”

Austin Dean
Easy to use.

“The app keeps our team members connected. A lot of our team members use shared workstations, this allows them to have access on their own devices.”

Adam Fischmer

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