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Content Management System

Our CMS gives you complete control over content with targeting and personalization.

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CMS on a laptop and desktop computer

Content Organization & Management

Create and organize impactful internal communications for your frontline and deskless workforce.

Organize your internal communications in editable folders

Customize content options on every piece of content

Schedule content to post in the future or to be removed

Edit and easily move content to remain organized

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Amazing Employee Engagement Tool. The platform is intuitive and easy to use.
— Anonymous, G2 Review

Banners, Alerts & Calendars

Make it easier and faster for employees to access key resources, events, and updates.

Pin timely and popular content to the News Feed with banners

Grab attention on critical messages with Alerts

Invite employees to company events and build community

Manage all content from one easy-to-use interface

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banners and alerts in content management system
CMS settings on computer

Settings & Permissions

Maintain a high level of control over content creation and administrator activity.

Manage admin and user-level permissions easily

Customize your app experience with global controls

Add & Create users/groups manually or with automation

Integrate with the systems that matter most to employees

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Manage Multiple Profiles

Create unique, targeted mobile app exeriences for audience segments with Profiles.

Manage administrator permissions for each app profile

Create custom banners for each app profile

Brand each profile separately

Target different content in each profile

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content management system manage multiple app profiles

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