All-in-one Employee Communication App for Healthcare Sector


Improve the employee & patient experience with streamlined, targeted employee communication.

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theEMPLOYEEapp was made to help companies reach their frontline staff. We help healthcare organizations engage their hardest to reach groups, like physicians, while being reliable enough during severe weather and internet outages to help save lives.

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Engage Diverse Audiences

Engage physicians, nurses, non-clinical, and administrators all one one platform with targeted content and customizable profiles.

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Improve Patient Outcomes

Improve the customer and patient experience by starting with the employee experience. Provide better access to tools, training & resources.

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Reach All Your Shifts

Our app has scheduling capabilities that make it easier for you to communicate with all shifts. This can improve productivity & culture.

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Challenges in Healthcare

Healthcare workers are stressed and burning out at rapid rates, leading to an increase in unionization and demands for change.

Employee relations. Health systems are facing staffing shortages and increased labor costs.

Burnout and turnover. From residents to executives, burnout and turnover rates are increasing.

Financial strain. The American Hospital Association predicts that health system expenses will continue to rise.

Tech evolution. Technology will be key to reshaping healthcare to keep up with employee needs and patient expectations.

The Power of Communication for Healthcare Companies

Health systems need change. They need human-first strategies. That all starts with fostering stronger employee communications.

Improving culture starts with communicating your purpose.

A great patient experience starts with the employee experience, including the technology they rely on for work.

Evolve skills and embrace new ways of working by investing in training and career development.

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theEMPLOYEEapp is more than a communications tool.
— Amanda Armstrong, Ardent Health Services
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Key Employee App Features for Healthcare

Create and organize impactful internal communications for your frontline and deskless workforce.

The News Feed is a social media style feed for max engagement.

Targeting Messages cuts down on communication overload

Push Notifications ensure important updates don’t get lost

Clickable banners get top content to employees faster

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Employee App ROI in Healthcare

Healthcare customers have achieved great success with theEMPLOYEEapp.

Increase employee engagement survey scores

Reach higher adoption than on traditional comms channels

10x content opens

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What our customers say:

Essential for employee communication!

“I love that we finally have a way to effectively engage and communicate with employees while out of the office.”

Jewell S.
Paying off handsomely!

“We have employees who don’t take their computers home or have work email on their phones. This helps them stay connected no matter where they are.”

Cooper Lefler
My experience has been amazing!

“Our employees appreciate an app that keeps them up-to-date. theEMPLOYEEapp has exceptional service and provide quick responses.”

Austin Dean
Easy to use.

“The app keeps our team members connected. A lot of our team members use shared workstations, this allows them to have access on their own devices.”

Adam Fischmer

Healthcare Success Stories: