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Reach and engage your workforce no matter where they are.

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The large, distributed workforce that logistics companies need to reach poses a challenge to clear, transparent communication. You need to find ways to reach employees on the road, in the warehouse, and in distribution centers. And you need to find a way to improve trust, workplace culture, and retention all while keeping your workers safe.

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Build Trust & Transparency

Create a single source of truth with our employee app to foster a more unified, transparent workplace culture.

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Prioritize Safety

Keep employees safe and compliant with safety protocols with a channel they can access anytime, anywhere.

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Retain Talent

Break the cycle of turnover with streamlined, engaging communication that supports a positive employee experience.

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Challenges For Logistics Companies

Changes in the transportation industry can be difficult to keep up with. With technology often lagging, it’s hard to engage, retain, and manage your workforce.

Employee Relations. Maintaining good labor relations is difficult while also managing independent contractors and unions.

Driver Safety. Truck drivers, warehouse workers, and material movers face safety risks daily.

Retention. Mounting on-the-job challenges and hourly wages $4 below the national average has led to a mounting retention crisis in transportation.

Engagement. It’s difficult to engage people when they’re on the road or working strenuous warehouse jobs.

The Power of Communication for Transportation Companies

The right logistics communication strategy is critical to solving the many challenges you face in your industry.

Targeted communication is key to creating engaging, relevant campaigns for your union vs. non-union employees.

Feedback loops help you continuously improve the employee experience while also showing employees their voice matters.

Accessible channels ensure that all employees receive critical messages in real-time even if they’re on the road or in a warehouse.

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We’re now able to see data that helps us share content that makes a difference for our team.
— JeanMarie Decker, NFI
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Key Employee App Features for Logistics

Create and organize impactful internal communications for your frontline and deskless workforce.

Hashtags make it easy for employees to find information

Podcasts supported to keep truckers informed without risking safety

Content Folders keep messages organized and easy to find quickly

Banners let you pin top content to your News Feed for easy access

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Employee App ROI in Logistics

Logistics customers have achieved great success reaching their distributed teams with theEMPLOYEEapp.

Increase employee engagement survey scores with a communication hub that gives workers easy access to the tools they need to be successful

Reach higher adoption than on traditional communications channels

10x content opens on content through a mobile-first employee app

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What our customers say:

Essential for employee communication!

“I love that we finally have a way to effectively engage and communicate with employees while out of the office.”

Jewell S.
Paying off handsomely!

“We have employees who don’t take their computers home or have work email on their phones. This helps them stay connected no matter where they are.”

Cooper Lefler
My experience has been amazing!

“Our employees appreciate an app that keeps them up-to-date. theEMPLOYEEapp has exceptional service and provide quick responses.”

Austin Dean
Easy to use.

“The app keeps our team members connected. A lot of our team members use shared workstations, this allows them to have access on their own devices.”

Adam Fischmer

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