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Keep employees safe & boost productivity with direct communication.

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theEMPLOYEEapp is an employee engagement & communication app made for frontline workers. We understand the challenges of getting critical, time-sensitive updates to manufacturing teams, and building culture & engagement, all while maintaining a safety culture.

Streamline & Simplify Comms

Manufacturing workers don’t have time to check multiple channels while on the floor. That’s why our app is a central hub of resources and information.

Ensure Shop Floor Safety

Decreasing safety incidents is a top manufacturing objective. Give employees access to trainings, safety reminders, and knowledge checks all from one mobile platform.

Improve Union Relations

An equitable, targeted & personalized internal comms strategy can help build a positive culture. Target content across multiple profiles to reach your audiences.

The app is now our primary communications method for all employees.
— Melany Stonewall, Kreg Tool Company

Key Employee App Features for Manufacturing

Create and organize impactful internal communications for your frontline and deskless workforce.

Push Notifications & Alerts send instant notifications to employees in a crisis/urgent situation

Read Receipts help you track compliance

Content Hub & Search make it easier & faster to find information

Reach employees without needing an email address

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Employee App ROI in Manufacturing

Manufacturing customers have achieved some big wins with their employee apps.

Increase culture and employee engagement scores.

Reach high adoption even among your hard to reach teams.

Improve safety compliance and reduce safety incidents.

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