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7 Ways to Use Curated Content in Internal Comms

7 Ways to Use Curated Content in Internal Comms

In a creativity slump? Unsure how to get your employees to care about a change or company initiative? We have a secret weapon: curated content.

In today’s digital age, internal communication professionals are continually exploring new strategies to engage employees and enhance employee communication. One powerful tool that has gained prominence is content curation. This blog will explore the concept of curated content and provide seven creative ways for internal communicators to leverage it within their communication strategies.

What is Curated Content?

Curated content refers to the process of handpicking and sharing external content that is relevant and valuable to a specific audience. It involves sourcing articles, blog posts, videos, industry news, and other resources from trusted sources and presenting them to employees in a meaningful way. 

In the context of internal communication professionals, content curation can be used as a strategic approach to enhance employee communication and engagement.

Internal communicators can leverage this content to provide employees with a curated selection of information, resources, and articles that are relevant to their work, industry, or professional development.

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Why Internal Communicators Should Use Curated Content

Content curation offers several benefits for internal communication strategies:

  • Enhanced credibility and authority. By sharing content from reputable sources, internal communicators can enhance their credibility and establish themselves as trusted sources of information.
  • Time-saving and efficiency. Curating content saves time by leveraging existing resources rather than creating all content from scratch. This allows internal communicators to focus on other strategic initiatives.
  • Diverse perspectives. You can bring diverse perspectives, insights, and expertise from external sources, enriching internal communications and providing employees with a broader range of knowledge and viewpoints.

How to Use Curated Content in Your Internal Comms Strategy

Here are seven creative ways internal communication professionals can incorporate curated content into their communication strategies:

1. Enhancing Newsletters and Email Updates

Curated content can be used to enrich newsletters and email updates by including relevant articles, industry news, and resources. Internal communicators can add value by providing their insights, commentary, and connections to the content, making it more valuable to employees.

2. Creating Content Libraries and Resource Hubs

Build a curated collection of resources, articles, and multimedia content in a central repository or intranet. Categorize and organize the content based on topics, departments, or employee needs. This serves as a valuable resource hub that employees can refer to for self-learning, research, or staying up-to-date with industry trends.

3. Supporting Learning and Development Programs

Curated content can complement training initiatives and learning programs. Identify relevant articles, videos, podcasts, or online courses that align with the company’s learning objectives. This provides employees with additional resources to enhance their knowledge and skills.

4. Fueling Social Intranet and Collaboration Platforms

Sharing curated content on social intranet platforms to stimulate discussions and engagement among employees. Encourage employees to share their thoughts and insights related to the content, fostering a sense of community and promoting knowledge sharing within the business.

5. Driving Thought Leadership and Innovation

Curate thought-provoking articles, research papers, or TED Talks that inspire employees to think critically and explore new ideas. By sharing curated content that challenges conventional thinking, internal communicators can foster a culture of innovation and encourage employees to contribute their unique perspectives.

6. Amplifying Employee Advocacy

Empower employees to be brand ambassadors by curating content that they can share on their personal social media accounts. Provide them with a selection of relevant articles, industry insights, or company updates that align with the company’s brand messaging. This enables employees to share valuable content while showcasing their expertise and enhancing your organization’s online presence.

7. Supporting Change Management Initiatives

During periods of organizational change, curated content can play a crucial role in supporting change management efforts. Curate content that addresses employee concerns, provides guidance, and showcases successful case studies. By sharing content that addresses specific aspects of the change process, internal communicators can help employees navigate and embrace change more effectively.

How Content Curation Fits Into Your Broader Strategy

Curated content should be integrated into a broader content strategy to maximize its impact. Align the content with the company’s goals, values, and messaging. Determine the frequency and channels through which your content will be shared. And consider a balance between curated content and internally created content to maintain a cohesive and well-rounded communication approach.

Content curation isn’t a standalone strategy. It’s meant to be seamlessly integrated into your broader content strategy. How? By aligning your content with the goals of each communication you share and that of the broader business.

One key aspect to consider is determining the frequency and channels through which curated content will be shared. A well-thought-out content calendar can help guide the selection and distribution of content, ensuring a consistent flow of valuable information to employees. This could involve sharing curated content regularly, such as a weekly or monthly digest, or integrating it into specific campaigns or initiatives.


In addition to frequency and channels, you have to maintain a balance between curated content and internally created content. For the most part, your employees will want to hear directly from your company and subject matter experts within the company. But that doesn’t mean you can’t supplement your content strategy with other content to support your internal messaging.

Striking the right balance ensures that employees receive a diverse range of information and perspectives, fostering engagement and a deeper understanding of the company.

Unleash the Power of Curated Content for Internal Comms

Content curation presents internal communication professionals with a valuable resource to engage employees, provide diverse perspectives, and enhance communication. By incorporating additional content into your strategies, internal communicators can save time, establish credibility, foster innovation, and support various initiatives such as learning and development, change management, and employee advocacy

As internal communication continues to evolve, curated content remains a powerful tool that helps create a culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration.



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