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10 Ways to Use Your Text Alert System for Employees

10 Ways to Use Your Text Alert System for Employees

Effective employee communication is crucial for keeping your employees informed and engaged. One powerful tool for internal communication is a text alert system for employees. Using a texting system lets you quickly and efficiently reach your employees with important updates and information. But texting isn’t just for crisis messages. In this blog, we’ll explore 10 different ways you can use texts for internal communication.

What is a Text Alert System for Employees?

First things first, what is a text alert system and why is it a great employee communication tool?

A text alert system for employees is a texting platform specifically designed for companies to be able to send text messages to their employees.

These tools enable companies to send important messages and push notifications directly to their employees’ mobile devices. It serves as a quick and reliable method for delivering time-sensitive information, ensuring that employees receive critical updates promptly.

Text alert systems typically offer features such as: 

  • Mass messaging
  • Group segmentation and targeting
  • Real-time delivery tracking

They can be integrated with existing employee communication platforms or operate as standalone systems, providing a convenient and accessible communication channel for companies of all sizes.

Benefits of Texting a Distributed Workforce

For companies with distributed workforces, where employees are geographically dispersed or work remotely, a text alert system offers several advantages for effective employee communication:

  1. Instant reach. With employees spread across different locations and time zones. A text alert system enables companies to provide immediate updates, ensuring that employees receive time-sensitive information instantly, regardless of their location.
  2. High open rates. Text messages have significantly higher open and read rates compared to other communication channels like email.
  3. Mobile accessibility. Since most employees carry their mobile devices with them at all times, a text alert system for employees eliminates the need for employees to be constantly connected to email or other platforms.
  4. Targeted communication. Text alert systems offer the ability to segment employee groups and send targeted messages based on specific criteria. This allows companies to tailor their communication to different teams, locations, or roles, ensuring relevant information reaches the intended recipients.

Overall, a text alert system serves as a valuable tool for companies with distributed workforces, enabling effective communication, enhanced engagement, and streamlined information flow across geographically dispersed teams.

graphic that lists out the 4 benefits of a text alert system for employees with an image of a doctor checking texts on her phone on a break

Ways to Use Employee Text Alert Systems

1. Emergency Communication

In critical situations such as natural disasters or security threats, a text alert system for employees allows you to send instant notifications to ensure the safety and well-being of your employees. Use the system to provide instructions, evacuation plans, or updates during emergencies.

2. Schedule Changes and Shift Updates

Keep your employees informed about any changes in their work schedule or shift assignments using text alerts. This helps to minimize confusion and ensures that everyone is aware of the latest updates, reducing scheduling conflicts and improving overall efficiency.

3. Important Announcements and Company News

Deliver important announcements and share company news directly to your employees’ mobile devices through text alerts. Whether it’s a new product launch, policy changes, or updates on organizational milestones, text alerts ensure that your employees stay up to date with the latest information.

  1. Training and Development Updates

Use text alerts to notify employees about upcoming training sessions, workshops, or opportunities for professional development. This ensures that employees have the necessary information and can plan their schedules accordingly to participate in valuable learning experiences.

5. Reminders

Send timely reminders for meetings, deadlines, or upcoming events through text alerts. This helps to keep employees organized and ensures that important tasks or events are not overlooked, leading to increased productivity and accountability.

6. Employee Surveys and Feedback

Leverage your text alert system to conduct employee surveys and gather feedback. Send out survey links via text and encourage employees to provide their input on various topics, such as satisfaction surveys, engagement surveys, or specific project feedback.

7. Recognition and Appreciation

Show appreciation to your employees by using text alerts to send personalized recognition messages or shout-outs. Acknowledge individual or team achievements, milestones, or exceptional performance to boost morale and foster a positive work culture.

Texting can feel more intimate than a mass email or intranet post. This can make the employee feel like the recognition is really for them and not just for the company’s image.

8. Performance Updates and Goal Tracking

Keep employees informed about their performance metrics, progress towards goals, or key performance indicators (KPIs) through text alerts. Regular updates can help employees stay motivated, focused, and aligned with organizational objectives.

9. Employee Wellness and Well-being Initiatives

Promote employee well-being initiatives, share wellness tips, or encourage participation in wellness programs through text alerts. This can be a great way to remind employees to take breaks, engage in physical activities, or prioritize self-care to support their overall health and work-life balance.

10. Promoting Internal Events

Boost attendance and participation in internal events, such as town hall meetings, team-building activities, or social gatherings with text alerts. Send event details, reminders, or RSVP requests to ensure maximum engagement and participation.


Ready to Buy a Text Alert System for Employees?

A text alert system for employees offers a valuable platform for efficient and targeted employee communication. 

By using this kind of internal communications tool effectively, you can enhance engagement, streamline information flow, and strengthen the overall employee experience

Are you ready to take the next step? Request a demo today to learn more about our SMS texting solution.



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