Internal Communicator’s Guide to Evaluating Technology Vendors

An Internal Communicator’s Guide to Evaluating Technology Vendors

An Internal Communicator’s Guide to Evaluating Technology Vendors

Learn how to make your case to IT for new comms tech.

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IT teams and Internal Comms don’t always see eye-to-eye. But that’s often because IT and IC don’t speak the same work language. Technical jargon often goes way over our heads, and IT doesn’t really understand internal communications strategies. We’re here to help change that. Use our guide to evaluating internal communication technology providers to get started.

What is the Role of Internal Communication Technology? 

Internal communication technology is gaining in popularity at nearly every company. The communication technology market is now incredibly crowded with comms tech solutions for every purpose: peer-to-peer chat, collaboration, mobile workforce management, top-down communication, crisis communication, and more.

As such, the role of comms tech depends on the tool. The collective set of your comms tech stack largely exists to inform, connect employees to resources, get work done more efficiently, and provide support to your workforce.

What Are Examples of Internal Communication Technology?

Examples of internal comms technology include:

  • Peer-to-peer chat like Slack
  • Phone calls
  • Email
  • Employee apps
  • Employee intranets
  • HRIS systems like Workday or ADP

To learn everything you need to know about internal communications tools, check out our comprehensive resource in our internal communications topic hub.

What Our Tech Vendor Guide Includes:

  • Trends in cybersecurity that will impact your communication tech stack. 
  • How to avoid the risks of Shadow IT.
  • How to create a cybersecurity checklist.
  • IT’s security requirements and why they’re important.
  • A glossary of key data security terms and protocols.
  • How our employee app satisfies these key requirements without putting a heavy burden on your IT team.

Use this guide to learn how to make your case to IT by showing them you understand the importance of cybersecurity and properly evaluating a technology vendor.

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