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Definitive Guide to Healthcare Communications

Definitive Guide to Healthcare Communications

Learn how to reach your dispersed healthcare staff.

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Reaching frontline employees in healthcare is critical. But not always easy. Because nurses, physicians, other clinical staff, and non-clinical staff are all deskless employees, they don’t have access to the same tools, channels, and information that deskbound or office employees do. This poses a major challenge for healthcare communications. We need better tools and technology to keep up with the rapidly changing expectations of the deskless workforce.

What is Healthcare Communication?

Healthcare communications are the strategic messages and campaigns that a healthcare company uses to communicate with their employees.

This isn’t to be confused with patient-facing health communication, which is the communication with patients about their health and how to make healthcare-related decisions.

This guide is all about communicating with healthcare employees and helping them do their critical roles.

Healthcare Communications Digital Revolution

The healthcare industry has long been going through the digital revolution. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, understanding the communications needs of your frontline workers and reaching all your teams has never been more critical. 

Today’s internal comms teams need to create an agile content strategy that must inform, engage, and hopefully retain employees. But how?

Embracing new tools and technologies that enable stronger healthcare communications is going to be critical. In our Guide to Communicating With Frontline Employees in Healthcare, we break down the different challenges for healthcare comms and how the right internal comms channels can help you overcome them.

What Our Guide on Healthcare Communications Includes:

  • A game-plan for identifying the needs of healthcare employees
  • Personas for physicians, nurses, and non-clinical professionals to help you understand their needs, how to reach them, and how to help them overcome the main challenges of their roles
  • An analysis of digital tools used to reach deskless teams, including employee apps
  • Examples of top healthcare organizations who have deployed mobile apps to achieve an increase in engagement and retention of their important frontline employees


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