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How to Create Successful Internal Communications Campaigns

How to Create Successful Internal Communications Campaigns

Learn how to elevate your communications campaigns with this guide.

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Are your internal communications campaigns not driving the results you need? Are you struggling to take your existing strategies into a mobile-first world? But internal comms pros really are strategists. This means that when there is a new program or change to communicate, we don’t just send a single message and think we’re done. Effective communication comes down to creating successful campaigns. We’re here to help.

What is an Internal Comms Campaign?

An internal comms campaign is the collection of messages and tactics that come together with the purpose of achieving a specific goal. Creating campaigns that are effective is critical to helping internal comms professionals achieve their goals and help other stakeholders find success when communicating about key initiatives and business updates.

What makes something a campaign is the fact that it is a series of messages over time that collectively should help you achieve a high-level objective. Every message or tactic along the way might also have sub-goals.

For instance, you might be running a campaign for employee appreciation with the overarching goal of improving retention. That campaign might start on Employee Appreciation Day to kick-off a year long project to be better as a company at recognizing your teams. Your Employee Appreciation Day event might be all about raising awareness of what your company is doing and why. But throughout the year, you might have other messages or events with different goals—like getting your managers to participate.

What Are the Different Types of Communication Campaigns?

We talk about communications campaigns in great length in this free resource: Internal Communications Campaigns: Creating Great Internal Comms Plans.

But at a high-level, there are many different types of campaigns that communicators may run, including:

We share many examples of how to put these campaigns together in our whitepaper.

What Our Guide on Communications Campaigns Contains:

  • Steps for setting SMART goals before creating an internal comms campaign.
  • Tips for determining the right cadence and content types for your comms campaigns.
  • Best practices for change management and embracing 360-degree messaging.
  • How to measure success and share your results.
  • An example of how to create a successful campaign for open enrollment.

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