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Whitepaper: Frontline Worker Recognition Guide

Whitepaper: Frontline Worker Recognition Guide

Learn how to recognize your frontline teams with this comprehensive guide.

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Employee recognition is an important part of building a great workplace culture, positive employee experience, and an engaged workforce. Yet, only 1 in 3 workers believe they received some form of recognition in the last week. It’s time to change that. Use our frontline worker recognition guide to start making a difference.

How Do You Show Recognition to Employees?

There are numerous ways to show employees that you care about them and appreciate them. What’s most important is figuring out the right way to recognize employees. We think it’s important to tailor recognition to the individual. While some employees might love receiving public acknowledgment in front of a large group others might prefer more private, one-on-one praise.

The other important consideration is to diversify how you show recognition. When our recognition tactics are repeated over and over again without much variance, it can begin to feel stale and forced.

Don’t just check the box. Really consider what type of recognition is suitable for the person and for what they are being recognized for. Finishing a really long, complex project might deserve a public thank you and shoutout at the next town hall, whereas being the top sales rep of the quarter might deserve a financial incentive as well.

What Are the Types of Recognition?

We cover this in detail in our whitepaper, but at a high level, the 7 types of recognition are:

  • Formal (e.g. a performance review)
  • Informal (e.g. a note/email/conversation)
  • Promotions
  • Awards
  • Monetary
  • Public
  • Private (e.g. one-on-one feedback from a manager)

What Our Frontline Worker Recognition Guide Contains:

Many companies struggle with building effective employee recognition programs, but we especially struggle with frontline worker recognition. Download this free recognition guide to learn how to create better recognition programs for your employees, especially those hardest to reach: your deskless workers.

This guide contains:

  • Data supporting why employee recognition is so important
  • The top challenges preventing us from adequately recognizing our frontline workers
  • Recognition best practices and strategies
  • Creative frontline worker recognition ideas
  • Tools to use to recognize the deskless workforce

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