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Whitepaper: Internal Comms Strategy Checklist

Whitepaper: Internal Comms Strategy Checklist

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We know that internal communications professionals are busy. Business leaders are asking you to show your ROI, campaign results, and your contributions to the company’s business goals. But when you are being pulled in multiple directions, it’s hard to find the time to strategize. Our internal comms strategy checklist will help you streamline the strategic process and help you create a strategy that gets results.

What is an Internal Communication Strategy?

An internal communication strategy is the comprehensive plan that a company follows to share important messages and resources internally in order to achieve business success. These strategies are often very complex and include:

  • Multiple channels
  • Communicators
  • Content mediums
  • And tactics

But having a strong internal comms strategy is critical to avoiding very costly miscommunication.

How Do You Build an Effective Internal Communication Strategy?

We’ve already covered that an internal comms strategy literally saves your business money and helps it achieve its goals. So, how do you create a strategy that’s effective?

Our strategy checklist breaks down the multiple steps you need to take and provides resources to help you. But at a high-level, these are the 6 key steps of an effective internal comms strategy.

  • Clearly define your goals both as a comms team and as a company.
  • Outline your current strategy using an internal communication audit.
  • Map your messages for every audience and channel, linking each to a goal.
  • Craft your messages.
  • Create a distribution strategy that will help you achieve your goals.
  • Continuously measure and share those results with stakeholders and leaders.

What Our Internal Comms Strategy Checklist Includes:

  • Tips for how you can create a great strategy for your business
  • Steps for learning about and targeting your audience and personalizing content for each segment
  • Steps for content strategy and creation, including conducting a comms audit
  • How to measure your impact and share your results with leadership
  • Resources to assist with every step in the strategic process

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