10 of the Best Internal Communications Podcasts for 2024

The Top Internal Communications Podcasts of 2024: Connecting Companies from Within

The Top Internal Communications Podcasts of 2024: Connecting Companies from Within

Last updated on May 28, 2024 at 12:50 pm

Internal communication podcasts can be used as a modern and engaging medium to resolve traditional communication challenges. The best internal communications podcasts of 2024 are paving the way for enhancing communication and collaboration within organizations. Acknowledging the importance of internal communication (IC) in boosting employee engagement and productivity within the organization, podcasts serve as a practical and easily accessible method for exchanging information and promoting a sense of community among employees.

Nevertheless, not everything online should be heeded; therefore, it is crucial for businesses to selectively curate and select top-notch podcast material that is both pertinent and captivating for their staff. In this blog, we talk about the ten best internal communication podcasts that are specifically tailored for enhancing internal communication and team collaboration within organizations. Let’s get started.

Why Podcasts Matter in Internal Communications?

Podcasts have emerged as a powerful tool in the realm of internal communications, offering unique benefits that traditional methods often cannot replicate. One key reason podcasts matter is their ability to convey information in a personal and engaging manner. Unlike written documents or emails, podcasts allow employees to hear directly from leaders or subject matter experts, creating a sense of connection and authenticity.

Additionally, podcasts cater to the modern workforce’s preferences for on-the-go and multitasking-friendly content. Employees can listen to podcasts during their commute, workout, or downtime, making it easier to consume important information without disrupting their workflow.

Moreover, podcasts facilitate storytelling and narrative-driven content, which can be particularly effective in conveying company culture, values, and strategic messages. By leveraging the power of audio storytelling, organizations can foster a stronger sense of belonging and alignment among employees.

The Best Internal Communications Podcasts for 2024

The following list will provide you with internal communications podcasts best suited for your organization:

The Internal Comms Podcast with Katie Macaulay

Host: Katie Macaulay

Key Topics: The Internal Comms Podcast, hosted by Katie Macaulay, features interviews with experts who discuss topics such as building a powerful personal brand, helping IC professionals step up, inclusion in action, and strategic communication. These episodes provide valuable insights into enhancing workplace communication, employee engagement, and impactful messaging techniques.

Notable Guests: Chris Ducker, Rachel Miller, and Bob Wata

Platforms: Spotify, Apple Podcasts

The Communicate Influence Podcast with Sheelagh Caygill

Host: Sheelagh Caygill

Key Topics: The Communicate Influence Podcast, hosted by Sheelagh Caygill, focuses on essential aspects of communications, marketing, and writing. Topics covered include communicating with influence, enhancing leadership communications, and the connection between emotive content writing and poetry. The podcast offers actionable solutions to common problems in the field and goes beyond international borders, engaging with issues affecting PRs and marketers worldwide.

Notable Guests: Ann Handley, Gini Dietrich, and Andy Crestodina

Platforms: Listen Notes, Apple Podcasts

Culture, Comms & Cocktails with Chuck Gose

Host: Chuck Gose

Key Topics: Culture, Comms & Cocktails is a podcast led by Chuck Gose, a strategic advisor at SocialChorus. The podcast centers on internal communications, corporate culture, and employee engagement. It features conversations with internal communication professionals, exploring practical instances and creative strategies to involve employees in successful workplace communication initiatives. The podcast explores subjects like employee experience, leadership communication, technology, storytelling, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), remote work, hybrid models, and measurement and analytics.

Notable Guests: Erica Cary, Jeremy Ball, and Kelly Lawrence McCarran

Platforms: Spotify, SoundCloud

The Swear Jar with Elizabeth Williams and Andrew Brown

Hosts: Elizabeth Williams, Andrew Brown

Key Topics: The Swear Jar is a podcast hosted by Elizabeth Williams and Andrew Brown that focuses on the challenges of internal communications and corporate culture. The hosts have had various guests, including Sean Matthews, President and CEO of Visix, providing insights on using big screens for internal communications. Additionally, the podcast explores alternative ways to listen to employees beyond surveys, aiming to improve organizational success.

Notable Guests: Sean Matthews

Platforms: Apple Podcasts,

EE Voice with Sharon McIntosh and Sharon Phillips

Hosts: Sharon McIntosh, Sharon Phillips

Key Topics: EE Voice is a podcast hosted by Sharon McIntosh and Sharon Phillips that explores the impact of internal communication on employee engagement, employee advocacy, change communication, leadership communication, and employee surveys, as well as the importance of employee voice and organizational culture.

Notable Guests: Dr. David Grossman, Dr. Kevin Ruck

Platforms: Apple Podcasts, Radio UK,

Infernal Communication with Jason Anthoine

Host: Jason Anthoine

Key Topics: Infernal Communication is a podcast helmed by Jason Anthoine, who serves as the managing founder and top executive at Audacity, a consulting company specializing in employee engagement, internal communications, and culture change. The podcast delves into subjects like successful communication techniques, engaging employees, and creating a positive workplace culture.

The podcast includes different guests who provide their insights and expertise on developing long-term trust with stakeholders through a deep understanding of their business environments. It is a helpful tool for professionals looking to stay updated on internal communication trends and strategies.

Platforms: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Staffbase Podcast

Candid Comms with Rachel Miller

Host: Rachel Miller

Key Topics: Presented by Rachel Miller, a globally recognized communication consultant, educator, and coach at All Things IC, this podcast offers both motivational and actionable tips to support your success in your position. If you need help with strategic internal communication, navigating hybrid working, or developing a 90-day plan, the Candid Comms podcast discusses various topics related to the industry.

Platforms: Spotify, Podbean, Google Podcasts

Digital Signage Done Right with Derek DeWitt

Host: Derek DeWitt

Key Topics: While not exclusively focused on internal communication, this podcast explores digital signage and its impact on communication within organizations. Derek DeWitt, a communications specialist at Visix, Inc., discusses effective visual communication strategies, leveraging over 25 years of experience in education and storytelling.

The podcast offers practical advice on digital signage usage, catering to both seasoned users and novices. It has been recognized with numerous awards, including a Gold Quill Award and the AVA Digital Award Gold. The podcast covers various communication and content strategies for engaging audiences effectively. With Derek’s expertise, it serves as a valuable resource for enhancing the impact of digital displays.

Platforms: Varies, including Apple Podcasts and

Communication Guys with Tim Downs and Dr. Tom Barrett

Hosts: Tim Downs, Dr. Tom Barrett

Key Topics: The Communication Guys podcast is hosted by Tim Downs and Dr. Tom Barrett, two experts in communication excellence for professional and personal success. Tim Downs is a professional speaker, trainer, novelist, and cartoonist who shares universal principles for various forms of communication. Dr. Tom Barrett is an internationally recognized expert in the psychology of success who teaches communication skills, emotional intelligence, and business development to entrepreneurs and business leaders.

The podcast covers topics like connecting in an angry world, turning resolutions into reality, and creating fun and meaningful conversations.

Platforms: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other podcast apps

The Future of Internal Communication Podcast with Jennifer Sproul

Host: Jennifer Sproul

Key Topics: Staying in sync with changes and being prepared for the future is the key to organizational success. On the same lines, Jennifer Sproul, CEO of IoIC, leads the “Future of Internal Communication” podcast with experts Dominic Walters and Cathryn Barnard. Here, she discusses the effects of the evolving work environment on internal communication. She also highlights the importance of communication in building trust, fostering relationships, and creating a sense of community.

Notable Guests: Dominic Walters, Cathryn Barnard

Platforms: Apple Podcasts, Spotify

Tuning into these internal communication podcasts can help professionals seeking to enhance internal communication in their organizations gain valuable insights and perspectives.

How to Incorporate Podcasts into Your Internal Communications Strategy?

Internal communication podcasts sound interesting, but implementing them could be equally challenging. Some challenges to consider include:

  • Ensuring accessibility for all employees
  • Maintaining relevancy and interest over time
  • Addressing privacy and confidentiality concerns

More than anything, the challenge is incorporating these interesting podcasts into professional internal communication strategies. So, let’s shift our focus and discuss how to do that:

  1. Encourage employees to subscribe and listen: Employees can only enjoy the advantages of internal communication podcasts if they actually listen to them. Hence, motivate staff to sign up for the podcast by endorsing it across different communication platforms like email newsletters, intranet announcements, and team meetings. Further, make the podcast available on various platforms to make it accessible and boost employee listenership.
  2. Integrate podcast content into existing communication channels: To avoid the clutter and stress of another communication channel, incorporate the internal communication podcast into the existing communication channels (company newsletters or internal social media platforms). This can broaden the audience and emphasize important messages.
  3. Create opportunities for discussion and feedback: Creating opportunities to discuss the podcast’s content, like arranging Q&A sessions or surveys about podcast topics, can boost employee involvement. This interactive method can also assist in collecting important feedback and recommendations for introducing relevant internal communication podcasts.

Summing Up

Utilizing podcasts as a tool for internal communication can be a very resourceful way for companies to connect with their staff, especially in today’s geographically dispersed workplaces. By including different types of internal communication podcasts and providing chances for input, companies ensure their internal communication podcasts are interesting and effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the reasons for companies to contemplate utilizing podcasts for internal communication?

Podcasts can enhance employee engagement, make the workplace culture more interesting, and offer a space for gathering feedback and suggestions. They also provide a platform for sharing in-depth knowledge and expertise, fostering continuous learning and development within the organization.

What difficulties are faced when using podcasts for internal communication?

Certain obstacles could involve guaranteeing accessibility for every single employee and upholding a uniform standard of content quality. Ensuring that all employees have access to the necessary technology and bandwidth to listen to podcasts can be a challenge, especially in diverse or remote teams. Maintaining consistent audio quality, scripting, and production standards across episodes also requires careful planning and execution.

What is the importance of customizing podcasts for various departments in a company?

Adapting podcasts to various departments can boost employee engagement and relevance, resulting in improved communication and comprehension of company objectives and projects. Different departments must listen to podcasts relevant to their roles and objectives.

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