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2020 State of Internal Communications, Survey Results (Infographic)

2020 State of Internal Communications, Survey Results (Infographic)

Last updated on October 7, 2022 at 07:51 pm

2020 was full of twists and turns that tested companies and their communications strategies. Midway through the first full year of the pandemic, we surveyed internal communications professionals to see how this year has been going and learn how they were handling the global health crisis, economic instability, and other social issues that came to a head in 2020.   state of internal communications survey results infographic

When asked what their biggest communications challenges were, comms pros said:

  • 77.3% | Lack of resources (people, budget, etc.)
  • 72.7% | Lack of leadership empathy and interest in communicating
  • 72.7% | Lack of access to critical information
  • 59.1% | Helping employees access assistance programs and benefits information
  • 54.5% | Lack of analytics to measure receipt of messages
  • 54.5% | Lack of feedback on the effectiveness of communications
  • 45.5% | Volume of critical information to distribute
  • 40.9% | Difficulty reaching all employees

When asked what internal communication strategies had made the greatest impact during the pandemic, respondents said: 

  • 63.6% | Creating feedback opportunities and surveying employees
  • 59.1% | Adopting multichannel strategies to reach dispersed employees
  • 50.0% | Helping managers have supportive conversations with their direct reports
  • 50.0% | Collaborating with other functions (e.g. IT)
  • 40.9% | Targeting communications to various employee groups
  • 31.8% | Increased frequency and transparency of leadership comms
Note: surveyed employees could check all that apply.

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