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Learn why theEMPLOYEEapp customers love using our app to communicate with, engage, and activate their employees.

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We help hundreds of companies with employee communication. From healthcare to logistics and manufacturing, we help organization’s solve the challenge of communicating with and engaging their deskless employees.

Learn how we make a difference—from our incredbile customer service and strategic consultative services to our easy-to-use functionality that put users and communicators first.

Solve Workplace Communication Challenges

Read our Client Case Studies to learn how we solve many of the primary communication challenges in the workplace, including:

  • Frontline worker access to tools, updates, and urgent alerts required to do their jobs safely and efficiently.
  • Creating equity of communication within organizations to improve culture and connectedness between deskless employees, executive leadership, and deskbound workers.
  • Improving workplace culture by using a tool that everyone can use with employee engagement functionality that works for frontline-based businesses.

More than a communication tool.

We also use it to implement daily health assessments. We can link to our online assessment tool through the rotating banner. It’s so easy to navigate and use. So far, it’s been used over 40,000 times and has been established as a best practice across our markets.

Amanda Armstrong

Ardent Health Services

The app changed everything.

It’s been critical to getting everything to all team members and make it so they can communicate with each otherand with us. It has raised the bar in terms of how we communicate within the hospital.

Brittni Huff

The go-to source for employees.

Communicating with employees through their mobile device was no longer not an option for us. Working with theEMPLOYEEapp has taken our internal communications to a whole new level.

Erin Frostad

A valuable partner.

With this mobile solution in place, we’ve been able to create a culture committed to communications and provide our employees with important information to connect them to the greater purpose of our company and enable them to see their impact.

Jean-Marie Decker

A no-brainer.

The app is now our primary communications method for all employees. While we still post messages on our Intranet and occaisionally send company-wide emails, we know that we are reaching the majority of our team members through the app.

Melany Stonewall

The app has provided major wins for us!

Having the app has transformed our store communications. Everything our teams need is now organized and instantly available at their fingertips.

Mikki Cook

A Community of Communicators

One thing we pride ourselves on at theEMPLOYEEapp is how we are able to bring our customers together to form a community. We believe that creating these connections and enabling best practice and strategy sharing is fundamental to the success of any tool or communications channel. Watch this video to hear from some of these communications professionals why they chose theEMPLOYEEapp and how it’s improved communication at their companies.

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