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Last updated on May 28, 2021 at 03:47 pm

Quickly deliver critical
employee communications

theEMPLOYEEapp is an affordable solution that can be deployed within a day to get your organization up and running rapidly in these challenging times

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theEMPLOYEEapp can transform your company communication and provide targeted content, connect employees and send urgent notifications in times of crisis in just one day.

Mobile Phone Calendar

Content Creation & Control

The platform allows for full audio, video, weblinks, office, and pdf documents, as well as an open text editor for quick creation of content on the fly. The app also features linkable banners that can dynamically display top content.

Create New Chat

Alerts & Notifications

The app supports the creation of targeted push notifications and alerts that can be broadcast to all employees or select groups of employees. This feature puts your messages front and center on your employee’s smartphone allowing for maximum reach.

Man, Woman, Mobile Phone

Raising The Bar

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For a demo and to learn how to have your organization’s app up and running, please fill out the form below.

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