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Last updated on June 21, 2022 at 07:58 pm

Employee Engagement

Culture is a critical differentiator at organizations. Learn how theEMPLOYEEapp enables you to drive employee engagement and recognition to make an impact.

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Improve Engagement & Culture

Engagement is often measured by likes, clicks, and comments. But it’s much more than that. Companies need to create cultures that are inclusive, diverse, and supportive of all employees first. Learn how.

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Key Employee Engagement Features

Likes & Comments

Enable likes and comments on any post. We support thread commenting, so you can easily respond to comments. Then track this data to continuously improve your strategy and engagement.

Social Sharing

Enable social sharing or email-only sharing on content so your workforce can become employee advocates for your brand.


Tag users in posts or comments to send them a push notification, alerting them that they have been tagged. Use this on recognition posts, open shifts, or to direct questions at a user.


Add hashtags to posts to allow employees to easily search for content based on tags or to click on a hashtag to see all posts with that tag. Then track your campaigns in our analytics dashboard.

Employee Engagement Success Stories

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Employee Engagement
Engaging employees is important to ensure they feel motivated and excited about coming to work. While employee engagement isn’t the only thing that matters about employee wellbeing, it is critical for retention and activating employees towards goals.
What is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is a measure of an employee’s commitment to their work and workplace, as well as how involved they are at work. It is not an indicator of how productive an employee is or how good at their job they are. But it is an important part of an employee’s overall relationship with an organization.
Why Employee Engagement Matters
Engagement is an important component of the overall employee experience. Often, if engagement is high, then it’s likely that the employee experience is mostly positive at your company. Engagement is one of many health metrics for assessing if you have a positive company culture or not. Culture and engagement really do go hand-in-hand, so it’s important to measure engagement.
Measuring Engagement
Engagement, unfortunately, can be difficult to measure accurately. Many companies use an engagement survey to assess engagement levels. But these surveys are often long and encompass employee satisfaction, eNPS, and other important business metrics. Therefore, engagement surveys tend to be given annually and don’t provide as much real-time data to act upon. That’s why many internal communications professions also use Pulse Surveys throughout the year and track engagement (likes, comments, opens, task completions) on messages.
Improving Employee Engagement
To really make an impact on engagement levels at your organization, you have to think about the holistic employee experience. Some companies use fun office perks like Beer Fridges or Ping Pong tables to boost engagement. But those engagement tactics don’t really get to the heart of the issue. You must make an impact on daily culture and the employee experience (from hiring to the exit interview) to move the needle on engagement.

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