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Last updated on May 9, 2022 at 07:13 pm

HR Communication

Give access to the critical resources and benefits your employees need in their lives.

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Engage Your Mobile Workforce

The workforce is more diverse than ever. With more employees no longer working in a traditional office setting, it has become harder to reach and engage our teams. Learn how you can improve compliance and HR communication at your organization.

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Key Features

HRIS Integrations

We integrate with all major HR systems, including Workday, UltiPro, and ADP, to make it easy for your employees to access every system they need from within one application.


Folder organization in the Explore tab allows you to easily store resources your teams will need—from onboarding to benefits and open enrollment. Our app is also easily searchable, so employees can find key HR messages faster.

Employee Recognition

Launch a recognition program in your employee app to cultivate the culture you want at your organization. And enable likes, comments, and sharing to boost employee engagement and advocacy on these messages to boost morale and help with hiring and retention.

Our Success Stories

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HR Communication
Human resources teams have a lot to communicate. And these compliance communications are incredibly important to your business. HR and internal communication teams need to become better business partners to ensure essential messages are shared with employees in a timely manner.
What is HR Communication?
HR comms include a variety of messages. HR teams are responsible for communicating about key trainings and policies that employees must be in compliance with. HR also communicates about employee benefits and open enrollment, payroll, company holidays, etc. Many human resources teams are also responsible for recognition programs, hiring, onboarding, exit interviews, and advocating on the behalf of employees. Some HR teams alsoo include a Wellness function that focuses specifically on employee wellness programs and communication.
How to Improve HR Communication
Using an employee communications app helps HR be better communicators. First, an employee app makes these critical messages more accessible. Second, theEMPLOYEEapp comes with robust analytics that help HR teams track engagement and activation rates. Our Read Receipt functionality is great for mandatory trainings or policy updates. Read Receipts can be used as an acknowledgement that an employee has received and read HR communications.

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