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Last updated on March 4, 2022 at 11:43 pm

Internal Communication

Communicate what matters, when it matters, and track your results to prove the impact of strategic internal communication that reaches all employees wherever they are.

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Communicate What Matters

The internal communication function is a critical part of an organization, and it’s never been more important for organizations to directly reach all their employees. Leverage our Guide to Creating Internal Communication Campaigns to maximize your impact.

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Key Features

Internal Comms Directory

Enable better employee communication by connecting your frontline teams to the departments and colleagues they need access to in one place. Employees can call, email, or text from our directory saving them time when it matters.


Measurement today is critical. Use theEMPLOYEEapp’s analytics to drive your internal communications strategy in real-time and prove the value of internal communication at your company.

Push Notifications

Break through all the noise with targeted push notifications and Alerts to activate your employees towards immediately taking action.

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Internal Communication
Internal comms, also called employee communication or workplace communication, is all communication that occurs within an organization. theEMPLOYEEapp team is full of previous communications professionals who understand internal communications best practices and the challenges the industry is facing first-hand.
Internal Communications Best Practice
We believe that any internal comms strategy will fail if your audience doesn’t have access to the communication in the first place. With 80% of the workforce not sitting at a desk or having corporate email addresses, channels like Intranets and email aren’t sufficient communication channels. To effectively reach, engage, and activate deskless employees (also called frontline workers), we need to embrace mobile-first internal communication.
Internal Communications Strategy
Once you have a tool that can reach all employees regardless of where they work, you can focus on internal comms strategies that help you achieve your business objectives. A good comms strategy engages teams, but a great strategy activates your workforce towards a desired action. Using an internal communications app for business allows you to cut through the noise with push notifications and alerts that help employees focus on what matters.
Internal Communications App
Using an internal communications app allows you to maximize employee engagement and create an employee experience that is flexible and meets employees where they are. With smartphone ownership as high as it is, it’s never been easier to adopt a bring your own device policy and enable employees to have a mobile channel that they can access when and where they need it.

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