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Building a safety culture is everything — learn how theEMPLOYEEapp can get important safety information to your teams in real-time.

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Field Guide to Communication With Frontline Employees in Manufacturing

At manufacturing companies, a safety culture can save lives. But relying on managers to cascade critical safety information down to their teams is flawed and poses many risks. Learn how a mobile communication strategy can help you improve line manager communication, culture, and safety at your organization.

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Benefits For All Employees

Comms Pros

Reach all your employees with top-down messages, like safety updates and leadership communication, to improve safety and engagement at all levels.

Line Managers

Improve your ability to keep your line employees safe and informed with an app that has all your reminders, talking points, and checklists in one place.

Line Workers

Get access to the information you’ve been lacking that will help you do your job and feel connected to your fellow employees.

Key Features

Push Notifications & Alerts

Whether you’re communicating an unexpected closure, crisis information, or important reminders, Alerts break through and command attention.

Read Receipts

Compliance with safety procedures can be the difference between life and death on the plant floor. With Read Receipts, track exactly who opens key communications.


The Explore tab on theEMPLOYEEapp is a document repository where important information (e.g. Safety, HR, Weekly Messages, etc.) can be stored. All content on the app is easily searchable so your employees can easily and quickly find what they need.

Our Success Stories

Learn how industry leaders use
the app to unite their teams.

Waupaca Foundry employees

Open Up Access

What happens to productivity and safety when over 50% of your employees don’t have access to a computer or email at work? At Waupaca, this meant important and urgent information didn’t reach all their employees. Learn how they transformed communication with theEMPLOYEEapp.

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Connect Employees to Leadership

Jodi Heard, Polyconcept’s Senior Manager of HR, Culture, and Communication uses theEMPLOYEEapp to help connect their employees to business objectives, leadership, and the greater mission of her organization.

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