Guide to Communication With Frontline Workers in Logistics

Definitive Guide to Communication With Frontline Workers in Logistics

Definitive Guide to Communication With Frontline Workers in Logistics

Learn how to reach frontline logistics workers.

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For internal communicators, logistics communication is already a challenge. The pandemic only made these difficulties come into sharper focus. The stakes are much higher today when sharing safety information and protocol changes, updates on driver pickup schedules, and more. On top of that, communicators face increased pressure to engage logistics frontline workers and ensure they feel included and involved in the company’s larger mission and culture. 

Logistics Communication Challenges & How to Overcome Them

By its very nature, logistics is all about movement, making it difficult to reach employees who do not sit at a desk for work.

The logistic industry’s contractor-based operations model adds complexities to internal communication. Because contractors and subcontractors handle so many facets within the logistics chain, communication can become siloed, contradictory, and confusing. It’s often necessary to limit access to specific internal information and documents depending on a team member’s employment status. And communicators find it challenging to send out targeted messages when they’re unsure of who’s working, where and when, and for whom.

What Our Guide on Logistics Communication Includes:

In this ebook, we will explore some of the most pressing challenges facing internal communicators in the logistics industry, as well as snapshots of key employees who should be considered when designing and implementing an internal communication strategy. We will also evaluate some of the more traditional methods and tools used for internal communication. You will read real stories from logistics companies that have tackled these challenges using a customized mobile app.

Our guide includes:

  • Information about the current state of the logistics industry and the strain placed on frontline workers in logistics
  • Detailed personas of key roles within the industry
  • The importance of safety communication
  • How mobile apps can solve communication challenges in logistics
  • theEMPLOYEEapp client success stories
  • A guide to evaluating potential technology partners

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