Guide to Measurement & Analytics for Internal Comms Professionals

Guide to Measurement & Analytics for Internal Comms Professionals

Guide to Measurement & Analytics for Internal Comms Professionals

Elevate your IC measurement.

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Everything we do as communicators should ladder to achieving business objectives. But, for many IC pros, measuring internal communication can be a daunting task. Whether it’s a lack of time, budget, tools, or experience, there can be many obstacles to measuring internal communications performance and reporting the results. That’s why we teamed up with Brilliant Ink to create this ebook.

Some of the main questions we hear from the customers we work with are how do you get started with measuring? What KPIs matter? And how do you go from generally measuring to measuring whether or not you’re being effective. Let’s dive in.

How Do You Measure Internal Communications?

Many internal comms pros use tools and technology that don’t have adequate analytics solutions, but this shouldn’t stop you from measuring your internal communications. And that’s because there are many ways to measure.

Many tools do have some sort of analytics reporting, which is one way to see your open rates, click through rates, engagements, time spent, etc. 

But if you don’t have tools with analytics dashboards, that’s okay. You can do things like a content analysis where you manually track your messages, message types, and audiences to get a better sense of what you’re currently doing versus what you are trying to accomplish.

We also recommend working with other departments to learn what their goals are and what metrics they have access to. Often, it can be hard to prove straight-line ROI as a communicator, but when we work with other teams, we can find a correlation between what we do and key business results.

What Are KPIs for Internal Communication?

So, what KPIs (key performance indicators) matter in internal comms? 

Often, you might see people talk about metrics like engagement rate or open rate and call them KPIs. While these internal communication metrics are absolutely important, they aren’t really key performance indicators. As in, they aren’t actually a key business result. 

KPIs in other departments are things like win rate or retention rate. Whether or not one of your channels has high adoption or open rates isn’t inherently a KPI.

That’s why we think internal communication is somewhat unique when it comes to KPIs. Communication is literally the backbone of a company’s success. Everything we do has to be communicated. Every change is successful because of communication. So, it’s important to figure out what KPIs are impacted by communication. That will absolutely be things like retention, eNPS, safety scores, and so on.

What Our Guide Contains:

Our guide to internal comms measurement will help you become an expert at analytics in no time. Our ebook reviews:

  • How to create SMART goals and make your internal communication strategy goal-oriented.
  • How to write great survey questions, including how to evaluate your survey before sending it to your employees.
  • What mobile app data to measure and how to get the most out of it.
  • How to conduct a content analysis.
  • Best practices for presenting your data, including the cadence for sharing and who you need to report results to.
  • How to make your data visualizations clearer, easier to read, and more compelling.
  • How to tell the story in your data to key stakeholders in a way that will help you set yourself up as a strategic advisor.

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