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Whitepaper: The State of Frontline Worker Communication

Whitepaper: The State of Frontline Worker Communication

Read our 2021 report on internal communication with deskless workers.

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Last updated on August 16, 2022 at 09:50 pm

As experts in mobile and frontline worker communication, we understand the needs of deskless employees. And we are always looking for data on the deskless worker. While there are many great annual surveys and reports—including the State of the Sector—we always feel like the data is a little lacking or slanted towards comms trends for deskbound employees.

But since 80% of the global workforce doesn’t sit behind a desk for work, we see a need to fill this research gap. That’s why we surveyed 1,000 frontline workers to learn about the state of frontline worker communication. Download our free report and learn about the current trends and our recommendations for how to take action.

This report includes:

  • How satisfied frontline workers and managers are with the number of messages they receive.
  • Frontline employee engagement rates.
  • Satisfaction with pandemic comms.
  • Employee trust in managers vs. their organization.
  • Topics the deskless workforce cares about.
  • The channels teams receive information on currently. And the channels they wish they got messages on.
  • Improvements that need to be made with internal comms.

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