Whitepaper: 25 Internal Comms Tools Every Communicator Needs

Whitepaper: 25 Internal Comms Tools Every Communicator Needs

Whitepaper: 25 Internal Comms Tools Every Communicator Needs

A great strategy deserves great tools. These are our 25 favorites.

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Internal communication professionals wear a lot of hats. Not only are you a communication strategist, but you are also the person who has to get everything done at an operational level. From managing editorial calendars to creating videos, PDFs, and custom thumbnails. You are a project manager, designer, and producer. But since IC teams are often small, the tools you choose to use matter. That’s why we created a list of the 25 internal comms tools that every comms pro needs.

What Are Internal Comms Tools?

Internal communication tools are the many types of software that a corporate communicator uses to plan, create, and distribute messages to their audiences. This includes everything from editorial calendars to internal comms channels and measurement tools.

Because of the wide variety, we’ve created this guide to break down the different types of internal communication tools and examples of great vendors for each.

What Are the Different Types of Communication Tools?

There are a few different categories of internal comms tool. These include:

  • Organization and productivity tools. This includes collaboration tools like Trello and as well as communication organization tools like editorial calendars to suit any budget.
  • Content creation tools. These tools include anything that helps you make engaging content, whether that’s video, written, or image-based content.
  • Strategy and measurement tools. These tools include industry studies for benchmarking and best practices as well as practices like employee surveys and internal comms audits.
  • Professional development resources. These resources are all about helping you gain more skills and confidence as an internal communications professional. We include various conferences to attend as well as professional societies to join (e.g. PRSA and IABC).

What Our Internal Comms Tools List Includes:

Our list of internal comms tools covers a wide variety of tools, from organizational to content creation and professional development. It also includes multiple types of tools for each category. For example, we have multiple different organizational and productivity tools to choose from at a variety of price points (including free options).

Please note that this list does not include channels of communication. We believe that’s a separate type of asset at your disposal. If you are looking for more information on internal communication tools and apps, we have multiple (ungated) resources available on our website.

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