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5 Elements of Great Team Huddles (infographic)

5 Elements of Great Team Huddles (infographic)

Last updated on November 16, 2022 at 04:57 pm

The State of the Sector highlights the top challenges facing internal comms professionals. Always among the top challenges is the lack of line manager communication skills. Unfortunately, two-thirds of managers are uncomfortable with communication and having tough conversations with employees. Manager comms skills pose a challenge because many companies don’t have a way of directly reaching all their employees. This forces companies to rely on the cascade of information through managers, putting managers in the hot seat to communicate all company information with their teams. So, it falls to internal comms and HR to teach, coach, and instruct managers on how to be effective communicators. One great tool for your managers are Team Huddles where they can recognize their teams, share messages from corporate, and open the door for two-way comms.

But don’t expect your managers to always know what to say in these meetings. Let your managers set the cadence, but give them talking points, checklists, and the resources they need to make the most of that team meeting.

5 elements of a great team huddle infographic

The elements of great team huddles include:

  • Following a set cadence
  • Set expectations for the week or day
  • Be transparent with your team
  • Open a dialogue
  • Recognize your employees and share team and individual wins

If you don’t already have a way to easily communicate with your managers or if you are interested in learning about a tool that will let you reach all your employees, let’s get in touch.

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