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Last updated on August 18, 2022 at 05:55 pm

Margaret Mary Health

Margaret Mary Health is a not-for-profit, critical access hospital in Batesville, Indiana. They employ over 850 team members across 12 locations, making mobile access to information and communication critically important.

Providing Frontline Healthcare Workers With the Information They Need, When They Need It

Like at many organizations, Margaret Mary Health knew their communications and comms tech were outdated. This combined with the fact that the majority of their employees do not sit behind a desk for work, made it increasingly important to find a centralized, mobile-accessible channel for communication.

Why theEMPLOYEEapp

The MMH team knew that employees were going to be at the heart of any new tool. So they surveyed their employees to learn what they would want to see posted on an app and what would make them want to use it.

…and then COVID-19 happened.

“We realized this would be the perfect tool to reach all our employees because at that time we started to have employees working from home, we had people that were in departments that were temporarily shut down. To get this information to everyone at the same time and to make sure they see it, it was a no brainer to use the app.”

MMH’s Use Case

• Give employees access to documents, workplace resources, and other on-the-job info.
• Target content to specific user groups.
• Increase engagement across the organization with the ability to like and comment.
• Improve team morale by having employees feel more connected to one another and the organization.
• Consolidate traditional communication tools.

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of staff have registered for the app

Positive Feedback

employees go out of their way to share how much they like the app

Improved Access

team members can now access resources at any location

Communicator Spotlight: Adam Fischmer

Adam is a Marketing Specialist at Margaret Mary Health where he develops content for team members as well as the community through videos, print materials, and through their app. Adam has worked with entertainment companies such as the INDYCAR Series and Cedar Fair Entertainment, but he always wanted the chance to give back to his hometown community and now has that opportunity at his community’s hospital.

“Since the healthcare industry is constantly held to some of the highest standards of any industry, I feel that communication is of the utmost importance.”

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Adam Fischmer

Marketing Specialist




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