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Upstate Vet

Last updated on October 25, 2022 at 08:53 pm

In 2017, Upstate Vet saw holes in their communication strategy. One department fielded all questions and outreach from employees via email, which bogged them down. They had no way to alert employees of situations like major equipment (such as the MRI machine) being down. And their intranet stored information they needed, like policies and procedures, but it was inaccessible to their frontline employees.

The team also wanted to improve culture, morale, and create a fun team atmosphere. In part, this was because they were preparing for a merger and knew they would need a way to bring two companies together. So, they set out to find a tool that would allow them to provide easy access to important messages, policies, training tools, and procedures, while also allowing their team to share their own content and build community.

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