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Last updated on May 9, 2022 at 07:04 pm

Frontline Managers

Improve manager communication at all levels in your organization by providing the resources they need right at their fingertips.

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Improve Frontline Manager Communication

2.7 billion workers do not sit behind a desk for work and often rely on their managers for communication and updates. But only 56% of frontline employees feel connected and engaged. We need to focus on how to help frontline managers be better communicators and leaders.

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Key Features

Employee Engagement

The voice of frontline managers matters. Their feedback and ability to engage with content using likes and comments helps you know how you can best support your deskless workforce and provide your line managers with the resources they need to be successful.

News Feed

Managers can engage with the latest news, resources, and information in the News Feed and never miss a message. This becomes a quick way for them to stay up-to-date on what is expected of them and their team.


Frontline managers can easily find archived documents (e.g. weekly updates) in the Explore tab to save time and keep track of important tasks. They can also leverage search to help them answer employee questions faster.

Our Success Stories

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Frontline Managers
Line managers are a vital part of an organization with a deskless workforce. Managers account for 70% of the variance in employee engagement according to Gallup, making them a critical part of the overall employee experience and one of the primary reasons employees quit.
Frontline Manager Communication
At most organizations, frontline managers are the primary way that employees receive communication from their employer. But most frontline managers have not been trained to be great communicators. This can sometimes result in messages being changed, misinterpreted, or not shared at all. Using an employee app helps managers have access to talking points on updates at all times and gives frontline employees direct access to critical messages without having to rely on their line manager.

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