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Last updated on May 9, 2022 at 07:22 pm

Leadership Communication

Empower executive leaders to directly communicate with employees across your organization to increase trust and transparency.

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The State of Internal Communications

Leadership communication has never been more important than during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Watch this webinar to learn from industry experts about the state of internal comms, the role of communicators and leaders, and how to overcome challenges.

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Key Features


Video builds trust. When a leader shares a message using this medium, they can control the tone and show their employees the emotion behind the message. This is key for building morale and creating stronger connections between the executive leadership team and the frontline.


theEMPLOYEEapp’s permission structure allows for complete control when opening up posting permission to more people. Empower your executive leaders to be content publishers so they can post video messages and recognition posts right from their phone.

Our Success Stories

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Executive Communication
Leadership communication is a huge part of any internal communications strategy. This takes the form of written messages, leadership videos, Town Halls, and more. But many companies still rely primarily on email, Intranets, and live, in-person events for the majority of communication from their executive team. How Executive Communications Need to Change
Modern companies need modern comms tactics. The first important change that needs to happen with executive comms is to shift from print into video and audio. These mediums allow employees to hear the tone behind a message and leaves less room for misunderstanding. The second major shift is to increases the cadence of leadership communications. If your employees hear from the C-Suite more often about a variety of different things, they will be less likely to associate these messages with bad news.
Mobile Executive Communications
When your leadership team is more accessible to your employees, it’s easier to build trust. When your executives can use an employee app to share less formal messages, interact in the comments, and make themselves more available to frontline employees and not just office-based workers, they can increase transparency and become more relatable.

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