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Last updated on May 9, 2022 at 07:25 pm

Operational Messages

Improve your bottom line with the ability to share daily updates, tasks, and changes in real-time.

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Create a Winning Communication Strategy

Conducting an internal communications audit annually is key to finding any gaps in your existing strategy. You may discover that you aren’t reaching all the employees you think you are or your channels aren’t widely adopted. It’s time to change that.

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Key Features

Push Notifications & Alerts

Have your employees quickly take action with targeted alerts and push notifications that indicate what content needs to be engaged with immediately. These are great at signifying what is a need-to-know, operational message, and what is nice-to-know.

Read Receipts

Keep your frontline managers accountable to acting on operational messages by enabling Read Receipts and tracking who has opened your need-to-know content.

Targeting Messages

Ensure the right people know what is expected of them by targeting content by employee role, location, and more.

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Operational Communication
Operational messages are a big category of employee communication. Operational communication strategy is often led by Operations and the internal communication team. These messages include everything a frontline employee or frontline manager needs to know about daily operations. These would be considered need-to-know communications.
Using an Employee App for Operational Messages
A mobile app for employees is a great tool for sharing operational comms. Mobile apps are accessible wherever the work is being done and they allow you to selectively send push notifications to alert employees about something that requires their immediate attention.

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